Ever since starting this blog and associated Facebook page, I have prayed about and pondered over why I do this. Is it extend what I share at nursing homes? Is it to start Bible studies reaching singles (as I was one until eight years ago) and college students (as I was one when I came to eternal salvation through Jesus Christ)? Is it to start organic churches as a way to minister to Christians who are turned off by “traditional” churches and to take the Message to those without Christ who have no desire to enter a church? Is it to encourage friends in the Lord to grow in Him as an extension of how He is working in my life? Is it to start a 501c3 organization that would enable me to work full-time in evangelism and discipleship, travelling anywhere and anytime there is a need? There are many things I can do with this, and many directions in which I can take this outreach. With that said, I would appreciate everyone praying for the opportunities God will give me through this blog. I would also appreciate seven Christians that would hold me accountable for what I post here and what I perform in the real world. 

What is the vision God has given you? Has He given you many visions, or is there one sole vision you must fulfill in obedience to Him?


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