Reflections on the first year or so

When I started this in November 2012, I thought–like so many things going on in my life the past 3 years–that this would be something great. However, I have struggled to consistently post on here. I feel like I do not post on here enough like other Christian bloggers do. I also feel I have to compete with other bloggers as I struggle to find my niche. Also, when I first started this blog and started sharing messages I’ve shared in nursing homes, I felt that over time that this is not God’s calling for me. In fact, the whole idea of vocational ministry in recent years has been someone else’s idea for me. I am still struggling with some demons I am trying to overcome along with more important priorities–like trying to find a better paying job and taking care of my health. Ever since I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea at the end of 2010, I have had less energy as I have gotten older. Another reason I have not posted on here in a while is because I feel that it is hypocritical to post on a Christian blog when my wife and I are not going to church any more. We have not found a church home a year after moving to Columbus; and we are still dealing with false and selfish expectations others are placing on us in order to fit in to their churches. As a result, I do not plan to post here until I take care of some more pressing needs. In the meantime I appreciate everyone’s prayers and support given in the time I have used this blog.

On the bright side, we have a second car–facilitating everything if Pat ever gets a job in her field. We are just praying that we can get out of a rut with our paychecks so we can afford it. It is also renewed my hope somewhat in trying to find a more fruitful job.


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